Devon Pietra

Rectified porcelain wall or floor tile available in natural, semi polished and grip finish.


Non-stock available to order in full box quantities only

  • 120x60cm (2 pz per box) matt, semi polished
  • 90x60cm (2 pz per box) matt, semi polished and grip finish
  • 60x60cm (4 pz per box) matt, semi polished and grip finish
  • 60x60cm (4 pz pe box) matt Non-rectified
  • 60x30cm (7 pz per box) matt, semi polished
  • 60x30cm (7pz per box) matt Non-rectified
  • 30x30cm Hexagon Mosaic Sheet matt
  • 30x30cm Squared Mosaic sheet (2.5×2.5cm square pieces) matt
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